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With the business of school and the end of summer, we are not able to actively manage the COVID Run fundraiser. However, the need for donations still remains as food insecurity is running rampant. Our GoFundMe is still open towards donations, however, consider donating directly to the charities as described in the Charities page. Thank you for all your support and remember- keep staying active!

Almost there! - July 1st

We are only $100 away from reaching $1,500! Also, as a community we have completed over 480 miles- past San Diego and into Mexico. Remember, each mile and dollar counts!

We are super excited! - may 22

We were featured on the front page of our local newspaper, the Sunnyvale Sun (Friday, May 22 print edition) as well as the San Jose Mercury News. Thank you all for your continued support. Let's keep it up!

update - may 17th

When we first started this campaign, we weren’t sure what would happen. Would we even raise any money? Would anyone even participate? Now, over 3 weeks since our launch, we’ve seen the outpouring of support flowing from friends, family, community members and neighbors, some who we’ve never even met before yet still put faith into our mission. For this we are incredibly grateful and thankful for your help. Recently, we’ve surpassed the $1000 mark in donations, a significant amount of money, a culmination of your generosity- set to help dozens of struggling families in our area. The community services agencies have seen a huge influx of people turning to them for help and this number is only growing. However, as a community we’ve come together and thrown our support in to help those who need it the most. This has truly resulted in us being even more exhilarated and excited than ever! The money raised has only motivated us to go even further than before and keep spreading our mission. We are thrilled to keep running and getting in those miles while helping the community and hope that you are too!

Donation milestone - May 9th

As of today, May 9th, we have reached over $1000 in donations! This is a major milestone in our fundraiser and we couldn't have done it without our generous donors. We are incredibly grateful for our friends, family, neighbors, community members, and everybody else who have helped us along the way. These donations enable the community services agencies to continue their vital work in assisting those who need it during this overwhelming crisis. Now, we are one step closer on the road towards $25,000!

Benefits of a mile - may 5th

Just a mile. A short distance of running, an activity accessible to everyone. Who knew it could help improve your health? Running at 6 miles per hour for 5-10 minutes can reduce your cancer risk, heart attack and stroke risk, and even boost your mood and sleep quality. Along with helping strengthen your heart, running can even allow you to focus better, improving productivity while working at home. However, don't overdo it. Running too much can cause overuse related injuries and without the proper equipment and technique, can harm you more than sitting at home. That's why a mile is a perfect amount, not too long but challenging in it's own way. So, get out there and go run your mile! (Note: we are not providing medical advice or recommendations of any kind. This is solely our own opinion on running and should not be taken as true or fact.)

What's the point?

A question faced by many people who want to help in their own way. The easiest negation is that there is no demand for extra help. Well, at COVID Run, we believe that every little action can make a difference. Just because that phrase is cliché doesn't mean it holds no value. Our small action started as a way to stay active during the quarantine. As fencers, we have an extremely rigorous training schedule every day, but now that our club is closed, we wanted to find a way to stay healthy. By running only one mile a day, not only are you exercising but you are also helping those in need by providing them with a meal. So, what's the point? The point is to stay healthy ourselves while helping those in our community who need it the most.