About Us

Our Inspiration:

Seeing a pandemic for the first time in our lives, we really want to make a difference and contribute to those suffering in our local communities. Through our experiences from travel we have seen a lot of different people, situations, and cultures. With this experience, we are grateful for what we have and want to help as many people as possible, starting in our community. During the quarantine, we have been wondering how we can help those in need while staying healthy ourselves. Because of lockdown, it is extremely difficult to volunteer anywhere. Thus, we have devised a way for our community to stay fit while helping each other out!

Our belief is that no one should go hungry, especially in modern times! Humans have developed a strong and sophisticated agricultural system that has the ability to feed billions of people. So why should a few go hungry? Well, we believe they shouldn't, especially now if not more than ever. By providing funding to local Charities, we are fulfilling our passion of fighting food insecurity in our community and inspiring others to follow suit.

Through Fencing, we are used to rigorous daily training. Unfortunately, due to the closure of most businesses, our training has been postponed until the pandemic is over. One of the things we are doing make up for this is running everyday. Not only is this good for your physical health, but it is also extremely important for your mental health as well, according to an article from Harvard University. Now that everyone is sitting at home all day, we wanted to find a safe and meaningful way to get some exercise and help those in our community who are in need. COVID Run was the solution! We hope you will join us in this great cause!

The Team:

Kamran Hussain

Kamran is a Sophomore at Homestead High School in Cupertino, California. He has a strong interest in Star Wars and spends a lot of his free time writing blogs on starwarsthecompleteuniverse.com! When he isn't obsessing over Star Wars, Kamran is probably reading a research article on Theoretical Physics or Neuroscience. After being at school all day Kamran does Fencing with Andrew! Through Fencing, he has traveled to many places in the U.S and has experienced all sorts of different cultures. These experiences have catalyzed Kamran's passion to help as many people as he can!

Feel free to contact me at runcovid@gmail.com!

Andrew Borjigin

Andrew is currently a Sophomore at Homestead High School in Cupertino, California. He enjoys jabbing a sword with his friends on weekdays at fencing practice with Kamran. Andrew enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures and places. He chronicles his adventures through videos on his YouTube channel. In addition to his travels, Andrew enjoys hanging out with friends and family, spending time with his dog, and being outdoors.

Feel free to contact me at runcovid@gmail.com!